Tuesday, April 7, 2009

French Daycare

We went to an informational meeting for our municipality to find out about daycare for Santi. It was two hours long. The first hour was information on the differences of home daycare versus daycare centers. The second hour turned into a gripefest among the parents about how it's impossible to get someone to care for your child in Paris unless you're rich and can hire a private nanny.

I won't overwhelm you with the details, but basically each neighborhood provides a certain number of subsidized daycare centers and in home daycare providers. There are also private daycares, temporary day cares, parent co-op daycares, and different kinds of private in-home daycares and nannies. The subsidized centers and in-home providers are nice and cheap, but there are nowhere near enough to meet demand. And for now, EVERYTHING public and private is booked up till September. We may be able to get Santi into a private home daycare part-time (which is all we want), but there are only a couple of options available.

Otherwise, things are fine with Santi. Here are some pictures of his latest outing at a park:

This is a close-up of his new hat:

Here is a close-up of Santi trying to take off his new hat:

His first pair of boots (courtesy of his friend Erika in Mexico):

Meeting his new friend Stephane (who brought him a very cute set of dishes):

And, of course, bath time again:

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