Saturday, May 22, 2010

The California vacation continues!

As some of you know, Santi had to be rushed the emergency room and hospitalized for a severe asthma attack a couple of days after the last entry. I'm glad to say that he is now out of the hospital, and after daily medical appointments and a thorough course of medications, he was declared today to be much better and ready to travel next week! To celebrate we hit the merry-go-round (well, since it's around the corner from his doctor's office, we actually took him there after every appointment, but today was extra fun).

He's also been experiencing lots of other fun things such as Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf:

We also discovered a great place called "My Museum". It's a children's museum that's like a giant play house. For an older child it's a great way to do hands on learning because there's a play hospital, ambulance, firehouse, construction site, theater with costumes and dressing rooms, a pet shelter, tree house, golf course, farm with a tractor and crops to harvest, a diner, an arts and crafts center, and even an kid's ATM. For a little boy like Santi though, it was just a really neat place to run around and play.

We also made a visit to "Dennis the Menace Park", where I used to go to play when I was little. Santi had a great time. I think his favorite part was the slides.
Finally we hit the supermarket to refuel and Santi got to try riding in the cart, something he's never been able to do in France (the carts aren't built that way).

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