Sunday, April 4, 2010

Joyeuses Pâques! Happy Easter!

As you can see, the Easter Bunny made a visit to our house! That must have been quite an undertaking for him what with all the travel restrictions and the immense amount of French red tape for obtaining a work permit. You see, France is outside outside the Easter Bunny's jurisdiction. In France, children do get chocolate on Easter Sunday, but it's delivered by flying church bells. They wing off to the Vatican on Good Friday, taking with them all the misery and sadness of Lent. There they exchange all the bad stuff for chocolate and other treats, which they deliver the French children on their return on Easter Sunday. So, it's just as common to see a chocolate bell here as a bunny, chicken, or egg.

We started off the morning with homemade "Banana Bites", recipe courtesy of Weelicious. They're slices of banana dipped in pancake batter and cooked till the banana is warm and gooey.

I thought they were pretty yummy. Santi, as usual when I cook for him, looked at them, licked them, offered his to me, pulled it apart into little pieces, then threw them on the floor. It's times like these that I remember why it is I feed him so much supermarker baby food (and I don't feel so bad about it).

Finally we had he main event. Chocolate Bunny! This is the one that didn't survive the Abbesses Baguette Incident

Santi instinctively understood the correct way to eat a chocolate bunny is to grab it by one ear and try to bite off the other. For a first effort, he did a pretty good job! Here's my little bunny eating his:

Happy Easter!

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